Time flies…

… when you’re having fun, right? Now I have to think about how to get players interested. I’m aware that the adventure genre is not one that is expected to perform well in terms of sales. I will have to do everything I can to get the word out there. I think this will be the hardest part for me. Even writing these blog entries that nobody reads is not an easy task. I’m a creative introvert, and I have a hard time sharing my creations with “the world.” It’s easier with friends and family, but going out there and admitting that “this is all I got” is a challenge.

Another challenge is creating “meta-content” like artwork for my yet not existing Steam page. It’s not easy to take time off the actual project to make graphics to promote it. It’s clear to me that marketing will be the first type of work I will outsource if that ever becomes a viable option. I admit it, it’s not fun for me.

To make this post more fun, here is a picture of San: