Hooking up & coming out

Currently, I’m in the phase of connecting the logic for my game and implementing the necessary sequences, variables, and other essential elements. I honestly hoped this process would be more forgiving, but it is time-consuming and sometimes a bit frustrating. However, doing this well can make or break the whole experience, so it’s worth putting in lots of time, effort, and love.

When I’m drawing, modeling, or animating, the outcome is always somewhat satisfying because it has a visual result. With hooking up the background logic, there’s not much to look at when it’s finished, especially when using placeholder graphics.

I’m looking forward to posting more content soon. I’ve also taken a significant step by publishing and announcing my game on social media. That wasn’t easy for me, since I’m usually not that comfortable with sharing my work in an early stage. I didn’t expect a huge amount of reactions, but I received some really great feedback that has motivated me to keep up the hard work. Next, I need to create a Steam page so people can wishlist my game before it’s finished. This way, I can get a better sense of how well it might perform after its release.

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