Mentaltainment For Everyone.

Phil Inside

Can you make it through 30 days of isolation? Phil is a neurotic and reclusive game designer in Crestfallen. He doesn’t often go out anyway but this situation is still not easy. Also, he will be out of toilet paper soon, so sometimes he has to leave his apartment.


 Watch the news to know how (un)safe it is to leave Phil’s sanctuary. Order food at a higher price to avoid the outside. If you must, let Phil meet some friends to improve his mood, but beware of the higher risk of infection.


The Adventures Of Mental Confusion

Based on the real adventures of the members of ‘Mental Confusion’, T.A.O.M.C. will send you on a journey full of insane riddles, crazy characters and mad dialogue that will drive you nuts and leave you totally bonkers.


West Crestfallen is not safe: Roy is on the loose and his trusted fence Phat Ed is willing to pay money for the good stuff.

Get That Candy!

Get That Candy! is all about getting that candy – but beware of ghosts and the full moon while you’re at it. If you think your bag is full enough, grab your pixelated legs and run to the exit!

Tux Ventures

Tux Ventures is about the penguin Tux and his journey. Help him find a way to stop the evil plans of a very evil company in order to save the world.


You have two minutes to shoot as many zombies, demons and other stuff as you can. Spill as much guts and brains over the place as possible! Short and sweet! Have fun and happy Halloween!


Duadako is all about choosing the right sequence of stances for your next move. You can only guess. High beats Medium, Medium beats Low and Low beats High. That’s it. Enjoy!

Triangle Of Death

Crazy random stand-off simulator for three people. Bet some amount on a participant of your choice.

Heartmind - Rite Of Passage

Heartmind is a Trip Hop / Downtempo project by mastermind MadMan, funky drummer Dee, talented singer Jay and classical violinist Olisa.



Mental Confusion - The Curse Of Mental Confusion

The bombastic debut album by the crazy trio from the streets of Vienna.

Virtual Gallery

The photos of Francis Burch from his visit to Cuba in 2017 presented in a virtual 3D environment.

© Manuel Beraha