Aya Vs. Darkness

I have an idea for my game that I really like, because it resonates with me and my own experiences with battling addiction and self-destructive behavior. It’s about a young-ish woman named Aya, who lives a mundane life in Crestfallen (the fictional city featured in other games I made), until her inner darkness becomes a problem and threatens her best friend Kai, herself, maybe all of Crestfallen, but most importantly, her cat San. She will visit her dreams to find answers and navigate the depths of her psyche to overcome the darkness. Shamanism, mysticism, cultists, tarot, Jungian psychology… lots of places to draw inspiration from.

I like the sound of it. “Aya Vs. Darkness” is the working title, but maybe I will keep it. I’ve started setting up the project, did some coding, created some 3D models and 2D graphics and some minor audio stuff. It’s a lot, but I will just divide and conquer.